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The Adept Prodigy Lending Loan Options In Carrollton, Texas

At Prodigy Home Lending, we offer a variety of loan programs that suit our different customers. We make it easier for borrowers to get approved for mortgages even though some don’t meet the requirements.

These loan programs are not only for first time home buyers rather they apply to anyone that needs funding, financing for home renovations and house repair or someone that is applying for a mortgage for the second time.

Below are the different loan options we offer at Prodigy lending:


Conventional Home Loans

This type of loan program has a low down payment of 3%

Compared to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), it has a reduced Premium Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

This loan program has Flexible terms – 30, 20, 15 or 10-year mortgages, borrowers get the chance to choose a mortgage term that they are comfortable with.

 Our convectional programs offer Low-Interest Rates with approved scores

There are no Lender Fees needed.


Federal Housing Administration Home Loans

 This loan program has a Low Down Payment of 3.5% 

Our FHA loans are easy to apply and qualify.

This loan program has attractive Interest Rates

 There are rehab loans available.

 Higher Debt to Income to Qualify


Veteran Affairs Home Loans

Veteran Affairs home loans are the loan programs meant for the members of the military serving in the United States, for couples of military members who are disabled or died in the line of duty and for the veterans.

This loan program is unique since unlike the conventional and FHA loan programs it offers 100% financing thus no down payment is needed.

 There is also no Premium Mortgage Insurance for VA Loan programs, thus members that are eligible for this loan program get to save some money.

 The closing costs of this loan program are lower than those of FHA Loans and Conventional Loan programs.

 VA loans are easy to qualify.

 This loan program has the best mortgage rates since it is insured by the government. 


United States Department Of Agricultures Home Loans

For borrowers who wish to purchase a house in the rural or suburban areas, USDA home loans are the most recommended for them. The word agriculture on USDA makes many think that it funds agricultural activities rather it funds for house purchases in the rural areas.

The USDA Home Loans offer 100% financing.

This loan program doesn’t not only offer a low mortgage rather but also no down payment is required.

It also offers low-interest rates of with100 percent of the loan.

When it comes to Premium Mortgage Insurance, it is low thus borrowers are able to save up some money.

This loan program is eligible to borrowers despite the home location and your income.


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