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The Prodigy Team has highly trained professionals who have gained experience over the years this guarantees you the best results when you apply for a mortgage loan with us. We are one of the best lending teams in the country and we are always focused on giving our clients the best services. We provide a number of mortgage services depending on your needs as a borrower, are you refinancing an existing loan? Do you want to buy a home? Then we are there for you, you can visit our site and experience a smooth interaction with one of our team members who will direct you on how to go about. Our offices are located everywhere in the country so feel free to pay us a visit and let us give you the best because that’s what we are good at. There are several mortgage plans that we offer to our clients depending on your needs. GET THE MORTGAGE LOAN YOU NEED. 

Conventional Loans

The program suits clients who have a higher credit score since it’s not a government-backed loan it might be somehow difficult to get it.

The loan has some features;

  • The borrower should be able to raise a 3% down payment on the loan.
  • Conventional loans come with low-interest rates when your credit score is approved.
  • A lender does not ask for lender fees with conventional loans.
  • Conventional loans have a lower PMI compared to FHA home loans.
  • Conventional loans offer flexible terms on long term loans from 10 years to 30 years.

FHA Loans

This is a government-insured loan which makes them easier to access, it has a few restrictions compared to Conventional loans.

  • The loan offers attractive interest rates with qualified borrowers.
  • To access the loan a borrower should put down a down payment of 3.5%.
  • Other FHA loan programs like Rehab loans are also offered with the program.
  • Your debt to income ratio should be higher to qualify for an FHA loan.

VA Loans

The program is for veterans in the military service, it has easy qualification requirements.

  • VA loans are financed to the maximum that is 100% financing.
  • If the VA loan is offered by the government then it comes with the best rates.
  • Closing costs on VA loans are reduced to a lower rate.
  • VA loans demand for no Mortgage Insurance.

USDA Loans

This program is from the national government.

  • USDA loans are 100% insured and financed by the government.
  • With USDA loans there are no down payment requirements.
  • USDA loans have low-interest rates on the entire loan amount.
  • The loan requires a low Mortgage Insurance cost.
  • To be eligible you must qualify for income requirements and the home you wish to buy must be in a suburban or rural area.

The main aim of prodigy lending is to give you want you to require when it comes to your mortgage needs


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