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The Determined Prodigy Lending Team For Your Home Loan In Ferris, Texas

Our mortgage professionals are what we brag about because there always giving their best whenever a new client arrives. We are ranked as one of the best lending teams in the country. The team is always driven at customer satisfaction therefore what we give is actually what is termed as 5-star results. The new home buyer might have no clue on how to go about it but you don’t need to worry we have you covered simply get to our site or get to us and let us teach you and advice you on how will go about it. We have a number of national mortgage programs that will suit your projects’ needs.

Conventional Mortgages

  • A client with an approved score will be awarded a low-interest rate on the loan.
  • Conventional loans demand that a client provides for a low down payment of 3% down.
  • Conventional loans PMI are lower than those of FHA loans.
  • Conventional loans have no lender asking for Lender fees.
  • The loan comes at flexible terms of from about 10 years to 30 years.

FHA Mortgages

  • This plan is from the federal government.
  • It has other mortgage programs like the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) available.
  • FHA loan programs have favorable interest rates offered on the loans.
  • Getting an FHA loan is very easy because it has easy qualifications.
  • There is a higher debt to income ratio requirement with FHA loans.
  • A low down payment of 3.5% is required with FHA loans.

VA Mortgages

  • VA’s are 100% financed for.
  • VA’s have no Mortgage Insurance demands or requirements by the lender.
  • The loans are backed by the government therefore easy to qualify for.
  • VA’s closing costs are very low.
  • A government for VA has the best rates.

USDA Mortgages

  • These loans are a benefit to the suburban and rural residents that have a low income.
  • The loans come with low loan rates.
  • There is a no down payment requested by the lender.
  • USDA loans are financed to the maximum that is 100%  financing.
  • USDA loan requests for a low Mortgage Insurance cost.

We offer peer to peer services that are you can speak directly to one of our mortgage professionals who will react to your request in the right manner. We are trusted all over the country because the information you give about your financial details is a secret between us. We care about your feedback that’s why we instantly pick your call when you call us. 

You might be a new home buyer, you might need to refinance your existing loan, you might need a new home since your family got big. We have all the mortgage plans you need so be sure you won’t miss what you need.



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