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Give us your address and we will come to you, we want you to benefit from us, don’t use too much of your savings just simply because you need to buy a home let us give you the support, let us finance for your home project. The Prodigy Team has been serving the United States for more than a decade so feel at home because you are one of us. Get one of our mortgage plans for your home project, we promise to finances for your project. Give us a call anytime you feel free and will be there to meet your mortgage demands.

Access the best loan that is only made for your mortgage demand.

Conventional Home Loans

  • A private program tailored for clients with high FICO scores.
  • Conventional home loans have a reduced PMI from FHA loans.
  • Requires a low 3% down payment
  • No fees charged by a lender like a lender fee.
  • Conventional loan PMI is lower than that of FHA loans.
  • A very low-interest rate on conventional loans.
  • Conventional loan terms are very flexible.

FHA Home Loans

  • This is a government-insured program.
  • You must have a higher debt to income ratio.
  • Easy to qualify for.
  • Favorable interest rates for qualified clients.
  • Eligible client to provide a 3.5% down payment.
  • Rehab loan programs also available.

VA Home Loans

  • Excellent financing with VA’s, 100% financing.
  • Don’t pay for Mortgage Insurance with VA’s.
  • Pay a very low closing cost on VA’s.
  • Get the best rates for a VA government loan.
  • Easy qualification details.

USDA Home Loans

  • Like VA loans USDA loans are fully financed for, that is 100% financing.
  • NO down payment required.
  • Lower Insurance cost with USDA loans.
  • The loan is fully financed for but it is offered at the very low-interest rate.
  • The Location for the home project must be within a suburban or rural area.
  • The borrower must have a low-income rate to qualify.

Prodigy has been transforming lives all over the United States, we are driven to providing excellent services to our clients, giving them that sense of belonging.

Reach through one of our contacts on our website you can either send us an email or give us a call and we will immediately respond to your quest. Good service delivery is our core principle so be proud of having us around.

The team has members disbursed in every state in the United States so get to the nearest Prodigy working station in case you need our services, be it a new mortgage plan or you need are refinancing, just feel free to have us cater for your needs. 


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