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We, the Prodigy Lending Company is a US-based mortgage lender. These services we provide to our clients entirely entail of mortgage loans only. Due to the current competitive structure, we have a team of professional market officers in every town in the state to ensure that our services are brought to your doorstep. Our team of highly experienced loan officers will help you make viable choices when choosing a suitable mortgage loan and will educate you on our different loaning programs we offer to clients. As a leading company, we offer a variety of loans to our esteemed clients depending on their interests. We offer loans and services to clients who: want to acquire new homes, want to consolidate their loans, and want to service their existing home loans and those who want to buy their dream homes. Our clients always enjoy a great deal of customer service and low-interest rates on their loans. The following are the types of loans we offer to our clients:

1. USDA Home Loans

This is a loan program we offer to clients interested in living in rural areas. Like our clients, if you are interested in owning a home upcountry and you have a shortage of building funds, we will be glad to offer you our deals. Clients taking these loans from us always enjoy a lot of benefits including low loan insurance costs, low-interest rates for 100% loan servicing, 100% home financing, no deposit payment when taking loans. To acquire our loan, a client must be having a stable income and a building site.

2. VA Home Loans

VA home loans in Garland US is a mortgage loan provider to retired military personnel who are interested in owning a home. We offer this service by the law of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. Clients who always apply for the veteran home loans in Garland always benefit from the following as compared to other mortgage loans: 100% home financing for veterans, easy loan qualification, low closing costs, no mortgage insurance cost, and best rates.

3. FHA Home Loans

This is a loan program backed by the US government to offer mortgage loans to clients who belong to the low social class. We always offer these loans to clients despite their poor credit history or unstable incomes. Our clients taking these loans always benefit from: easy qualifications, low deposits, attractive interests, and best rates.

4. Conventional Home Loans

This is loans we offer clients on our own terms without government intervention. Our clients always benefit from; low principle, flexible terms, no lender fee, and low interest when taking these loans.

As a trusted leader in the community, we have emerged the best mortgage lenders for the past 17 years and the best company to work with for the past 8 years. To reach us, visit our website and interact with us. We currently offer the lowest mortgage rates on our mortgage loans. Feel free to contacts and benefit. We are looking forward to working with you.

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