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The Dynamic Prodigy Lending Company For Your Home Loan In Lancaster, Texas

Ever heard of the Prodigy Lending team? Perhaps yes perhaps not. Anyway, we are a team covering the entire USA to provide loans to US citizens as a whole. Lancaster, for instance, is among the states of the US that are enjoying the benefits we have to offer. These include; funding for your first time home purchase, refinancing of your existing loans and we also go so far to provide you with the service of loan consolidation. We dwell only in loans hence, we provide it with utmost perfection at all times.

Classes Of Loans At Our Disposal

Conventional Home Loans

This type provides very low-interest rates for the people of Lancaster, be it the first-timers and those who have been taking it since its formulation. It’s down payment; the first amount paid when taking up a mortgage is low at about 3% currently, has very flexible payment periods of between 30 to 10 years. The choice here depends on the borrower, whether you want to go long term or short term.  With interest rates, the focus is put on one’s credit scores hence if you are interested in the conventional loans you have to watch the scores carefully.

FHA Loans

This is yet another superb loan that you have to take up. With our prodigy team, FHA has even become more attractive. First is it’s very low rates charged on interest and the down payment that is at 3.5% as per the latest research of 2019. If you want to apply for it as soon as now, the steps and requirements are so easy to meet and additionally, you will be given a rehab loan, one of the extras that I not in other types of loan.

Lancaster VA Home Loans

In Lancaster, just like in the other states of the USA, the VA loans are available for veterans only. As this is limiting to military personnel only, it comes with a lot of positivity. First of all the current VA rates in Lancaster is very low. When applying for it, you will agree that the Lancaster VA loan details are very cheap and easy to understand. Taking it up guarantees 100% financing or all that appertains to VA mortgage. It’s closing costs are low giving the best rates for government loans. Requiring no mortgage insurance, is there any reason that makes you not to embrace Lancaster VA home loans?

USDA Loans

The USSDA loans provide low rates with an attractive low down payment costs and procedures. Like its predecessors, it has 100% only for these that will be found fit to qualify for it. Its mortgage insurance is also low and for this, you must have your income levels assessed fully. 

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