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What Makes Lewisville Prodigy Lending Stand Out From Other Mortgage Lenders

For a city as big as Lewisville and with a population as large, it can become almost impossible for one to find a home that is suitable for them. When you do finally find the home of your dreams, affording it may become another challenge. Lewisville is a very vibrant city with very high living standards and therefore very high housing costs. This is where mortgage lenders come in, they help their clients to finance their mortgages by giving them loans which they can then repay with interests. Interest rates can become yet another challenge in the US where inflation is the order of the day. It is for these reasons that home buyers deserve a mortgage lender that is looking out for their best interests and who would advise them accordingly on the best mortgage loan is suitable for them after having checked their eligibility factors such as credit scores, debt-to-income ratios, employment status, etc.. One such mortgage lender is the Prodigy Lending Team. They consist of mortgage professionals all over the US who are usually committed to providing clients with the highest quality of service suitable for their mortgage needs. They offer the lowest interest rates and a variety of loan programs which helps them ensure that they serve people from all works of life to their level best. The variety of mortgage services they offer include:

Conventional Home Loans

Prodigy lending offers conventional Home loans for Lewisville citizens with the following advantages over other firms:

  • Low Down payment of about 3% when other lenders offer the same loans for a down payment as high as 20%
  • Reduced PMI compared to FHA loans which help to reduce the client’s expenses 
  • Flexible terms of payment ranging from 30, 20, 15 to 10 years
  • Low-interest rates compared to other lenders
  • No lender fees which helps the client save a lot of money

FHA Home Loans

Prodigy Lending offers FHA loans with the following features:


  • Low down payment of 3.5%
  • Easy qualification requirements
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Rehab/renovation loans available e.g. the FHA 203k loans
  • Borrowers with high debt-to-income ratios allowed to qualify



VA Home Loans 

Veteran Home Loans in Lewisville is considered the most lucrative alternative for a mortgage loan. This is because the VA has very low requirements for qualification on their loans yet they offer maximum financing. Despite their name, VA loans are actually offered by private mortgage lenders like Prodigy Lending. The VA only insures them in case a borrower defaults from payment. Prodigy lending offers VA loans with the following features:

  • 100% financing
  • No mortgage insurance required
  • Low closing costs
  • Ease of qualification
  • Best VA mortgage rates

USDA Home Loans

Backed by the US government through the Department of Agriculture, USDA loans are also a lucrative mortgage loan alternative. They are offered with the following features:

  • 100% financing
  • Low-interest rates
  • Low mortgage insurance costs

These are some of the excellent services with equally excellent features that make Prodigy Lending stand out from other mortgage lenders.


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