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The Experienced Prodigy Lending In Mesquite, Texas

We, the prodigy lending is a company that is situated in the US to provide mortgage needs to our clients. As a company situated in a competitive market, we are always determined to offer the best services that fully satisfy our clients. Due to different customer tastes, we are ever motivated to serve any customer needs hence we offer different kinds of the loan depending on the customer needs be it; buying a home, servicing a mortgage debt, acquiring your first home and even merging home debts for easy customer payment. We also have loan officers all over the US so as to ensure that our services are accessible to our esteemed clients. These officers consist of mortgage brokers who will work one on one with you offering you’re the best advisory services till you get your loan. Other than quality service, by working with us, our customers always benefit from the availability of multiple loan programs and low-interest rates on the loans. As per our multiple loan programs, here are the types of loans we offer to our clients:

1. Mesquite VA House Loans

VA home loans are a loaning program initiated by the United States Department of veteran affairs to assist service member, that is the veterans or their surviving spouses to acquire homes in the US. One is eligible for this loan only if he is a veteran of the US army and has satisfied the VA loan requirements in Dallas. The advantages of this loan program include low closing costs, loan financing services available for veterans, easy qualification, no mortgage insurance required and low Mesquite VA loan rates.

3. Conventional Home Loans

This is home loans not secured by any government entities and is available through private lenders. Homebuyers acquiring these loans have the advantages of benefiting from: no lender fee charged low deposits of about 3% on the loan, low rates, flexible repayment period, reduced PMI as compared to FHA loans.

4. USDA Home Loans

These are home loans available to US citizens living in rural or suburban areas courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture. As a requirement to acquire this loan, one must have a stable income and a home location. The benefits one gets from acquiring this loan from us include low mortgage insurance cost, no deposits required, low-interest rates for 100% loan and 100% financing in case of loan default.

5. FHA Home Loans

 This is a mortgage loan program issued by an FHA approved lender and insured by the FHA. We the Prodigy lenders are insured by the FHA hence we offer loans to our low earning clients. We offer easy qualifications, attractive interest rates, rehab loans, and low loan deposits.

Our aim is always to offer excellent services to our clients. To get in touch with us, contact us via our interactive tools and we shall have the pleasure to serve you. Due to our divergent services, we have always been ranked as the top workplace for the past 8 years. This is why you should consider working with us.

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