Three ways for couples to stop arguing about money

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Couples tend to use harsher language when arguing about money and take longer to recover from the conflict, the study of more than 4,500 couples found.

Many couples disagree and argue, but there’s a particular subject that tends to be more damaging to relationships than others: money. A study published in 2013 in the journal family relations examined more than 4,500 couples and found that fights about money were a top predictor of divorce regardless of income, net worth, and debt levels.

This is a story about money issues and arguments and how it takes years, not. I glanced into the rearview mirror: the kids, five and three, stared at their. 23 Damn Good Pieces of Marriage Advice All Couples Need to Read.

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Compared to other touchy topics, couples' arguments about money tend to be. partner can learn to talk about finances in a healthier, more satisfying way.. about money from our parents and other family members.3 We may not even be fully.

Money is one of the biggest sources of marital discord-and it can be one of the toughest to resolve. That’s because when couples argue about how to spend money, they’re not just debating the.

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research from The Ascent points toward some behaviors that may ensure money is never an obstacle to relationship bliss. Fighting over purchases is a leading cause of relationship strife, according to.

 · Four Ways We Learned How to Stop Fighting About Money.. I assumed we were just one of those couples who never fought about money. But this sudden change in our earning dynamic totally shifted how each of us approached our shared finances, in ways that weren’t always aligned, and the tensions arising from these changes persisted even as I.

It’s no wonder money is the topic couples fight about most often, since people with different values and experiences with money will hardly ever completely agree about how to manage it.Even if two.